Ready, steady, GO !

Ready and excited about the upcoming adventure, we try not to have expectations so we take things as they are like curious kids trying to learn from the locals and from everything we stumble upon.

What side of India will be revealed?

There are some dreams and ideas but overall we follow the way that worked out for us all around Europe- throwing yourself in the current of events, expecting unexpected and letting the flow lead you through some unbelievable coincidences which make you smile and appreciate life to the fullest!

The way to Istanbul was extremely cool, even chill from time to time, and rather various. We went from a huge wine fest in Czech Republic to a touching morning volunteering in an improvised school for gypsy kids, in a Belgrade squat. From waking up with our asses frozen with the sound of the mosque speakers and 3° Celsius in Macedonia, to being babysitter half sick by the amazing Greek hospitality of our friend in Thessaloniki.

And this is just the beginning.


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