IMG_5473My name is Anto and I like films, photos, ice cream, chocolate, cookies, basketball, and deep abstract discussions.

My name is Anna and I like nature, physiotherapy, yoga, laughing, sport, and looking at stars, but I don’t like milk.

Together we are travelers without a destination but just a method of moving. We both love each other, hitchhiking and meeting new people and learning new things. So out there we go, hitting the roads of random places with our thumb. We’ll try find new places and new friends and stay away from any tourists at the same time. Along the way we will keep our blog updated with things we’ve learned and discoveries we’ve made, but the internet isn’t always on and we are often too busy having fun to keep things up to date. But we will try our best to let you know where we are and what we have become.


Look out for the guest blog spots of other travelers who join us on the way.

In case you want to contact us write to this address:

hereandnowandhappy at gmail com

Love & Light


One comment

  1. Goodluck and I wish you the most awesome experiences on your adventures! I hope I will follow your footsteps soon! take care and keep writing! I will read!

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