The many faces of Saint Martin

Busy working at the farm and looking for our next boat we lead a relatively uneventful but peaceful life.  We did go cycling and walking around this small Island (just 87-square-kilometres!) and we surely noticed many of differences that characterize it.

Many coins for many faces and contrasts. A French side vs a Dutch one. European culture vs American. The very rich vs the very poor. The local ghettos vs super luxury hotels and yachts. Unique natural spots vs never ending urbanization. And so on..

The island is not exactly split in a half equally. The legend says that a French and a Dutch made an agreement that following the coastline they will walk the opposite ways and in the place where they meet they will establish the border… but apparently the Dutch was seduced by a beautiful French woman on his way, or… he just got stoned and took his walk very easy.



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